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ACORD2016 Session Downloads

PDF versions of the sessions originally presented at the ACORD2016 conference, November 2016 in Boca Raton, are available free of charge to ACORD members and conference attendees. Sessions include:

A Heatmap for Insurers’ Use of Consumer Data
ACORD Capability Model: Use It to Analyze Your IT Landscape
ACORD Test Harness - Test Scenario Lifecycle
ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge Final Round: Industry Innovators
ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge Final Round: Startup Disruptors
Announcing ACORD Business Process Framework (ABPF)
Announcing ACORD Enterprise Architecture Roadmap
Announcing ACORD Insurance Product Modeling Framework (AIPMF)
Automated Support in Documentation, Maintenance and Modernization of Legacy Systems
Best Practices for Customer Portal Creation
Can You Picture an Intelligent Use of Machine Learning?
Capabilities-Based Planning and Innovation
Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Models
Content Matters!
Core Systems: Is Best-of-Breed Right for You?
Data in Motion: The Next Generation of the P&C Standards
Data Model Implementation Guidelines for Success
Developing and Executing a Business-Driven Data & Analytics Strategy
eDelivery in the Insurance Industry: How Hard Can It Be?
Employee Benefits 2016
How ACORD Standards Support DOL's Regulatory Requirements
How to Define and Communicate Your Life Products
How to Personalize Digital Experiences for Customers
Insurance APIs
Insurance: The Internet or the Agent?
Insurtech Is Here: The Rise of Fintech in Insurance
IoT (Internet of Things): Why Do I Care?
Leveraging the ACORD Message Model for Rules Interactions
Licensing & Appointments: The Future of Automation
Long Live Digital!
Mastering Data Modeling Basics
Navigating ACORD L&A
Navigating ACORD P&C
Strategy, Goals & Results Using the ACORD Capability Model
Streaming Transportation: Beyond Zipcar and Uber
The Analytics Talent Crunch: Navigating a Competitive Labor Market
The Benefits of Working with ACORD
The Core and the Edge of Digital Transformation in Insurance
The End of Auto Insurance?
The First Step in Underwriting: Check MIB with ACORD
The Real Tie That Binds Is Ontology
Transitioning from P&C XML 1.x to 2.0: Explore the Why and How
US e-Accounting: The Final Frontier
XML 2.0: Under the Hood of the New Standard
XML Policy Download: The Path Forward

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