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Health Benefit Platforms: Where Efficiency Meets Engagement

By Benefitfocus
January 2021

Disruption in the health insurance industry is not a new phenomenon. From rising health care costs and changing legislation to rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations, many factors have forced health insurers to evolve.

In a bid to understand the challenges facing health insurers and identify a path forward, Benefitfocus sponsored a groundbreaking study with ACORD, entitled "Efficiency Meets Engagement: Key Considerations for Health Insurer Competitiveness." The ACORD study identified superior customer experiences, strategies, operating models and capabilities health insurers can adopt to address the challenges they face. From this, the study aimed to answer three key questions facing health insurers:

  • Why do health insurance customers engage?
  • How do prospective health insurance customers screen solutions?
  • What are the key drivers underpinning shopping and buying?

This report is available for download to ACORD members and non-members.

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