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Jul 19, 2023

PPL Joins ACORD Solutions Group Licensed Integrator Partner Program

LONDON, UK, July 19, 2023 – ACORD Solutions Group, the provider of solutions for standardised data exchange throughout the global (re)insurance industry, announced today that Placing Platform Limited (PPL), the leading placing platform for the London Market, has joined its Licensed Integrator Partner programme.

PPL, the electronic placing platform used by 90% of London Market brokers and insurers to quote, negotiate, bind, and endorse business digitally, supports thousands of stakeholders across the industry. As part of the Licensed Integrator Partner programme, PPL joins a community of vendors and solution providers who are helping drive market-wide collaboration and the ongoing adoption of capabilities that contribute to the modernisation of the London Market.

The partnership is another step in a wide-ranging programme to connect the London Market. Looking ahead, ADEPT (ACORD Data Exchange Platform and Translator) will connect with PPL’s upcoming Next Gen APIs. PPL’s placement APIs will enable the market to send and receive structured placing data with PPL. Connection with PPL APIs will allow ADEPT (ACORD Solutions Group’s solution for real-time data exchange, translation, and transformation) to facilitate efficient, standardised data exchange among global insurance stakeholders.

“We are delighted to be working closely with ACORD, and to be an official member of the Licensed Integrator Partner programme,” said Tanya Duckworth, Director of Channels and Partners, PPL. “We also look forward to working with ACORD Solutions Group on their connection to PPL APIs, giving market firms an alternative industry-owned option for how they integrate with the Next Gen platform.”

“Through its extensive reach and powerful platform, PPL is playing a key role in the modernisation of the market,” said Chris Newman, Executive Vice President and Global Managing Director, ACORD. “We are delighted to welcome PPL to the Licensed Integrator Partner community and further our collaborative efforts to connect industry partners and drive digitalisation throughout the insurance ecosystem.”