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ACORD Industry First


ACORD Industry First is a virtual event series that highlights the intersection of insurance and technology, featuring first-of-a-kind research, thought leadership, and strategic analysis from ACORD and industry experts. Learn about the most important current issues, emerging trends, and how to position your organization to succeed in today's rapidly evolving market.


Scale & Scope: Insurance Implications & Imperatives

October 2022

Previous ACORD research reveals that few multinational carriers are able to deliver above-average financial performance. Moreover, scale economies are difficult to achieve and sustain. In contrast, relatively smaller national and regionally focused carriers, on average, deliver superior financial outcomes. The study examines the world’s 200 largest carriers focusing on historical performance and corresponding strategies and tactics of winning carriers. Carriers were further segmented by geographic focus and assessed in the context of growth and value.


Insurer Digital Maturity: State of the Industry 2022

June 2022

The ACORD Insurance Digital Maturity Study explores the link between digital maturity and financial performance across the global insurance industry, examining the 200 largest insurers worldwide over 10 years. In this virtual event sponsored by Microsoft, ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni will evaluate the findings of this year's study and provide imperatives for successfully executing digital strategic options.


ACORD London Market Analysis 2022

March 2022

In the midst of global economic uncertainty, accelerating digitization, and industry disruption, what will the London Market look like in the coming decades? ACORD President & CEO Bill Pieroni provides a qualitative and quantitative overview from ACORD’s London Market Analysis 2022. Join us to learn more about future trends and strategic, operational and financial imperatives, as well as insights to support scenario-based decision making and subjective evaluation for senior leaders considering London Market investments.


Global Insurance Growth & Value Pools: Implications and Imperatives

November 2021

Our 2021 annual flagship study analyzed over 11,000 carriers across 100 countries to determine how premium growth and value are distributed globally, and how country-specific factors influence expansion tactics, strategies, and outcomes. View this virtual event to listen in on first-of-its-kind research providing insight into the increasing globalization and interdependence of insurance markets.


Preparing for the Future of Insurance: The Intersection of Business and Education

November 2021

In this virtual event, experts from Zurich, St. John's University, and ACORD hold a panel discussion about the critical role of education in bringing the next generation of talent in the future insurance ecosystem. Listen in to learn more about how the relationship between business and education can help mold tomorrow's industry.


European Insurer Value Analysis 2021

May 2021

Join ACORD, Alchemy Crew, and CGI for this virtual event hosted by Insurance Times, taking a deep dive into what makes a best-in-class European insurance company. This session presents the results of a recently conducted analysis of the leading European-headquartered insurers, together representing €1.2T+ in annual revenue.


Ask Bill Anything

March 2021

ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni answers the most frequently asked questions about our research and development. Tune in for this session to learn about "the moment of truth" in insurance, identifying high skill/high will talent, and more.


Digitization & Distribution: Driving Growth & Value

December 2020

Sponsored by Stone Point Capital, this virtual event presents the findings of our 2020 flagship study, "Examining Digitization and Distribution in the Global Insurance Industry." Here, ACORD's analysis of three key areas, intelligent growth, distribution channels, and technology imperatives, reveals the driving factors behind increasing value.


Claims Transformation: The Benefits of Claims Maturity

September 2020

Take an in-depth look at Personal Lines P&C Claims. This virtual event presents ACORD's research on the 200 largest P&C carriers and how these high-performing organizations implement business processes and strategies.


Underspend, Overperform: Driving Outcomes Through Technology

July 2020

Join ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni as he presents his insight from the July 2020 Best's Review article, "Underspend, Overperform." Watch here to learn more about how the industry's top performers manage to achieve these seemingly paradoxical outcomes.


Intelligent Growth: Intent, Decisions, Outcomes

April 2020

ACORD's annual flagship study for 2020 illustrates the key levers of implementing and driving growth and value creation. In leveraging 20 years of data, this study distills these findings into actionable strategies for organizations looking to overcome barriers to intelligent growth.


InsurTech & the Digitization Imperative

December 2019

Join ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni and North America Planck General Manager Leandro DalleMule for this informational session on the industry's growing need for digitization. View this virtual event to learn more about the benefits of investing in digital maturity and how to best optimize its returns.


The Next Generation of Insurance Talent

September 2019

How does the insurance industry attract, develop, and retain top talent from Millennial and Gen-Z workforces? In this virtual event, ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni dives into the motivators, demotivators, and values influencing the next generation of the insurance industry.


Digital Customer Experience Study: U.S. Personal Lines 2019

June 2019

This presentation from ACORD CEO Bill Pieroni showcases the higlights of ACORD's annual Digital Customer Experience Study, a careful analysis of U.S. Personal Lines P&C carriers' digital shopping interfaces and experiences. Watch here to learn about what characteristics modern consumers value in the online marketplace.


Data & Analytics, Digitization, and Insurance

March 2019

Improved capabilities in data and analytics have the power to transform productivity in the insurance ecosystem. Dive into how data analytcs and digitization initiatives are interconnected and influence the change imperatives for the global insurance industry.