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What’s an ACORD eForm?

ACORD eForms represent the next step in the evolution of ACORD Forms and are at the leading edge of forms technology.

An eForm is an electronic fillable ACORD Form that is capable of collecting data. The data from an eForm can then be extracted for re-use, including to populate other forms.

On the surface, eForms appear identical to current ACORD Forms. Behind the scenes, eForms’ capabilities take ACORD Forms into the future.

How do I access eForms?

End users of eForms may obtain them through agency management systems or from forms providers or carriers.

Developers and those who wish to build systems that incorporate eForms may obtain them through ACORD’s eForms redistribution program.

Why should I use eForms?

eForms offer many benefits for both end users and developers:

Benefits for Forms Users

eForms enable you to gather and transmit data faster and facilitate straight-through processing. eForms are programmed to extract data straight into your agency management system. You can also use eForms through an insurer website.

Using eForms, insurers can receive more accurate data, shorten update cycles, and eliminate the possibility of errors due to manual data re-entry.

It’s simple to use. You can train staff quickly and easily by using eForms.

Benefits for Forms Developers

eForms contain a consistent XML format and unique XML tags for each form field called eLabels.

eLabels are applied consistently across all ACORD eForms. We have done the mapping from the physical form fields to the eLabels. As a result, updates can easily be downloaded and plugged into your systems.

Incorporating ACORD eForms into your products will help you stay current, compliant and eliminate the time and expense of creating and maintaining proprietary forms.

An ACORD eForm file contains:

  • Layout of the form
  • Definition of the fields
  • Instructions for completing each field
  • Consistent labeling of the fields on the form (eLabels)
  • XML format for data extraction or population

Key eForms Features

  • Integrated Forms Instruction Guide (FIG): You don’t have to leave the screen for a separate help menu or hard copy guidebook. Just place your mouse over any field on the eForm and the instructions for that field automatically appear.
  • More precise data capture: Fields such as "address" are now separated into component parts, such as "street," "city," and "state." This reduces the amount of unformatted text requiring human review.
  • Forms Generation: Fully populated forms can easily be generated for use by insurer call centers and other account services.
  • Overflow Capability: ACORD's eForms can be configured to expand for additional data. For example, if five cars need to be covered, but there are only four fields for automobile information on the form, the eForm can be expanded to accommodate the additional field.

eForms File Formats

eForms are available in XFDL and PDF formats.

XFDL (eXtensible Forms Description Language) is a standard based on XML elements and attributes. There are commercial XFDL tools currently available from IBM. PDF eForms are based on XFA (XML Forms Architecture).

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