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Jun 8, 2016

ACORD Completes Eight-Week Translation Project for NYSIF and Paychex

ACORD recently completed an eight-week translation project to enable data exchange between the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) and the payroll service provider Paychex. Working closely with both parties, ACORD facilitated seamless interaction between the organizations, successfully providing translation for hundreds of daily data transactions.

"It was a great experience partnering with an industry-recognized leader in the management and implementation of data standards," said Michael Delaney, Paychex Insurance Agency Analyst. "Leveraging the expertise of ACORD, we were able to accelerate the implementation of the translation effort with New York State Insurance Fund. Through our collective efforts, we were able to implement a streamlined process to electronically receive and process policy information from the New York State Insurance Fund."

ACORD recognizes that implementations of standards may vary, presenting obstacles to data exchange between potential trading partners or internal applications. In response to member feedback, ACORD is working with select organizations on translation services that enable partners to communicate more effectively. These services help manage the data exchange process from one system to another by interpreting messages, thus allowing trading partners to exchange information faster and more consistently.

"ACORD is committed to providing industry standards," said Peter Teresi, Senior Vice President, Solutions, ACORD. "Moving forward, we must also expand capabilities to address issues surrounding implementation. As part of this, we will offer additional solutions to support operationalizing standards."

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