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Recorded Webinars

ACORD GRLC 2017 Year in Review

February 2018


ACORD GRLC Communities Update

December 2017


ACORD Property and Casualty Fall 2017 Plenary

November 2017


ACORD Life and Annuity Fall 2017 Plenary

October 2017


ACORD's Member Enrollment Standard Webinar

February 2017


GRLC EBOT/ECOT version 2016-10 Plenary Webinar

February 2017


Property & Casualty 2016 Year in Review

January 2017


GRLC - Progress in 2016 and What's Planned for 2017 

January 2017


Standards & Processes: Synchronizing the Approach

July 2016


From many to one – minimizing the payment overheads through net settlement

June 2016


ACE Webinar: Cultivating ACORD Implementation Talent

April 2016


ACORD Test Harness: Soup to Nuts

April 2016


IIPRC - What is the Insurance Compact?

March 2016


ACORD's Business Process Initiative Webinar

February 2016


eDelivery Kickoff 

January 2016


Testing, Transformations, Tooling, Trees, Tinsel and Turkey!

January 2016


The Top 10 Things that Drive Agents Nuts Working with Carriers

January 2016


Top 5 Benefits Insurance Companies Can Achieve from Unstructured Content

December 2015


Rapid Integration. Don’t laugh, it’s here.

October 2015


What You Need to Know About Robotic Process Automation: How It Works & Real-World Success Stories

October 2015


Business Architecture: The Missing Link between Strategy & Execution

October 2015


Insurance Processing and ACORD Standards

September 2015


Standardized Business Processes Webinar

July 2015


Leveraging the ACORD Reference Architecture in an Enterprise Architecture Management and Integrated Portfolio Management

July 2015


Ruschlikon North America: eAccounting

July 2015