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Southern Africa Data Standards

Southern Africa Short-Term Insurance Standards Overview

Southern Africa data Standards are available in a fully indexed and searchable format. The main release components are:

  • Release Notes: a list of changes applied to this standard since its last release
  • Help File: reference document for primary source of information for the Standard
  • Schema Files: used to validate an XML document 
  • Business Process Guide:  high-level process flows supporting the policy life cycle
  • XML Sample Files: Example XML messages illustrating best practice message design

Key highlights for the most recent Southern Africa release focused on updating the Commercial lines standards across the spectrum include the following capabilities:

  • Enabling Body Corporate property type  
  • Providing support for watercraft coverage aggregate
  • Updating operational and occupation type codes
  • Allowing coverage to be capture for different climate types

The 2018 release will focus on Agriculture and Life-stock. Below are the most recent versions of the ACORD Southern Africa Standards releases. 


For access to older versions of Southern Africa Data Standards, please contact Member Services.