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Testing & Certification

ACORD Testing & Certification allows organizations to demonstrate proper implementation of ACORD messages.

Developers can use the ACORD Test Harness, a live application, to test message implementation. After a successful use of the test harness, organizations can claim their ACORD System Certified credential, to validate their proper implementation of that particular process to clients and trading partners.

Using the Test Harness

The Test Harness has two modes: Message-only Testing and Business Trading Partner Testing. Message-Only Testing simply checks your XML message to ensure it passes Schema and Business Rules required by the ACORD Standards. The Business Trading Partner Testing allows you to interact with the Test Harness as a "virtual" business partner, enabling you to send ACORD messages to the Test Harness for validation and receive responses indicating acceptance or error(s). The Test Harness can also send messages to you and accept your responses.

The Certification Process

You will need to speak to the relevant ACORD Standards team to identify which Scenario Test Runs / Message Validations you must complete before achieving the level of Certification you would like to obtain.

In order to achieve Certification you will need to evidence successfully completed Test Runs / Message Validations on the Test Harness. These should be submitted to the Standards team by emailing them with the Test Run URL and name or Message Validation name and your Username for final verification.

Once your Test Runs / Message Validations have been signed off on by the Standards team, and any associated invoicing has been settled, you will be able to claim your Digital Badge for the Certification acquired.


What Does the ACORD Test Harness Cover?

Technical Standards supported:

  • ACORD Messaging Service (AMS) web-services standards, including support for secure https sessions, authentication, and digital signatures
  • ACORD Document Repository Interface (DRI) XML Standards

Business Message Standards implemented:

  • Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial XML
  • Property & Casualty XML
  • Life & Annuity XML
  • Employee Benefits XML

Document Repository Interface Transaction Specifications supported:

  • Claims Writeback 1.0

Global Reinsurance and Large Commercial Insurance Transaction Specifications supported:

  • ACORD GRLC Placing Guides
  • ACORD GRLC Electronic Back Office Trading (eBOT) Guide
  • ACORD GRLC Electronic Claims Office Trading (eCOT) Guide

Life & Annuity Transaction Specifications supported:

  • Pending Case Status
  • Underwriting Requirements

System Certification Credentials


The ACORD Certification badge is presented to organizations which demonstrate proper implementation of ACORD messages for specific insurance processes within their systems. For more information on how digital badges work, see ACORD Digital Credentials, or contact Member Services for details.