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Global Reinsurance Data Standards

GRLC Data Standards

GRLC Standards Overview

GRLC Standards are available in a fully indexed and searchable format. The main release components are:

  • Data Dictionary:  database with data content and hierarchy for the Standard
  • Code Manual:  document listing all code lists for the Standard
  • Guides: document/s that define the process flows and data content for specific areas of functionality within the Insurance/Reinsurance value chain
  • Schema Files: used to validate an XML document 

Key highlights for the most recent GRLC versions include the following capabilities:

  • Placing data and flows reconfirmed and updated were necessary to support latest requirements of implementers
  • Accounting, Claims and Settlement flows updated to include new facilities requested by implementers – main items being;
    • Inclusion of two-way message flows for resolution of queries
    • Inclusion of both ‘Contract’ and ‘Contract Section’ level referencing for all parties

Below are the most recent versions of the ACORD GRLC Standards releases. 

ACORD Utilities (Schema Tools)

ACORD has developed utilities that can be used against the schema (.xsd) files to help with implementation. If you have any questions about using the tools, please submit a service request on Confluence.


For access to older versions of GRLC Standards, please contact Member Services.

For Delegated Authority XML standards please visit the Global Multi-Functional Standards area.