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Life & Annuity Data Standards

L&A Data Standards

  • Help File: reference document for primary source of information for the Standard
  • Object Reference Model: high-level object hierarchy representing the Standard Implementation Model
  • Schema Files: used to validate an XML document 

Key highlights for the most recent L&A release include the following capabilities:

  • Enabling a Premium Change Quote using a new transaction subtype 
  • Product modeling support for riders that are commissionable and have their own CUSIP numbers, such as spouse and child riders.
  • New business support for documenting the status of an electronic signature and how a policy is delivered
  • Producer-related changes:
    • Support for a financial institution of record change
    • Allows a carrier to specify allowable commission options for certain transactions
    • Provides modeling to specify a producer’s fiduciary status with respect to training

Below are the most recent ACORD Life & Annuity Standards releases.

XML Standards Specifications & Documentation

EDI Standards Specifications & Documentation

The ACORD L&A Program DTCC EDI Public Specification files provide a traditional EDI (flat file) format for communicating common life insurance information including application, asset pricing, commissions, financial activity, inforce activity, licensing, appointment, positions, and valuations. These formats are the core of the Deposit Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Insurance Processing Services (IPS) offerings.

XML Transaction Specifications

ACORD Utilities (Schema Tools)

ACORD has developed utilities that can be used against the schema (.xsd) files to help with implementation. If you have any questions about using the tools, please submit a service request on Confluence.


L&A Implementation Guides & Supplements

The following guides and supplements have been developed to provide best practices for supporting interoperability between trading partners. These typically document transaction sequences needed to support an entire business process, with implementation details specific to product types, communities, or other subsets of the full L&A Standard.


For access to older versions of L&A Standards, please contact Member Services.